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Clouds of Montville Cottages and Serviced Apartments are set on five acres of beautiful parklands overlooking Queensland’s Sunshine Coast! At Clouds there is plenty of outdoor activities to occupy all types, all interests and all degrees of mobility and fitness. For those more active they have a Disc (frisbee) golf course – the object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. For more info… Visit here
  • Baskets/Tees: 9/9
  • Par: 28
  • Length: 650 Metres
  • Price: Adults $10 | Kids $5
  • Access: Public

166 Balmoral Road Montville,

Queensland 4560 Website


Andrew has over a decade experience playing and promoting disc golf throughout Australia and the world. From initial consultation to completion, Andrew has designed and delivered disc golf course projects for various local governments, schools and private businesses. As Tournament Director, Andrew has designed multiple disc golf courses for the Australian National Tour and was the Event Co-Organiser for the 2017 Aussie Open PDGA Major. Andrew has served as a board member of Australian Disc Golf (ADG) and is the co-founding member of Geelong Disc Golf. ” I just love to give back to this sport and the community”.